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Bare Lit Festival 2017

Bare Lit Festival 2017

Dates: 21-23rd April 2017

Location: Toynbee Studios, London

After its debut last year, Bare Lit Festival is back!

If you do not know what Bare Lit is about yet, let me fill you in!

Bare Lit in a nutshell is for writers of colours. From Bare Lit’s website:

In 2015, the UK’s three largest literary festivals featured over 2000 authors. Of those 2000+ authors, only 4% were from Black Caribbean, Black African, South Asian or East Asian backgrounds, based on a report published by SPREAD THE WORD.

We are changing that.

Those stats are quite shocking to be frank and were part of the reason I decided to purchase a ticket.

I attended Bare Lit Festival last year and I really enjoyed myself!

Small recap:

Last year it was at The Free Word Centre and The Betsey Trotwood pub (side note: great food!). I went on the Saturday and had the pleasure of listening to authors Catherine Jones and Peter Kalu discussing Young Adult literature at The Betsy Trotwood pub in the morning section.  There were a few things going on that day, it was nice to have a variety of panels/topics to choose from. Before the panel discussions in the afternoon at the Free Word Centre, I got the chance to do a little book shopping, there were different stalls from various companies selling books including a black-owned book subscription service. In the afternoon, I got to watch Anthony Anaxagorou (poet) perform a few of his poems then have a discussion with Raymond Antrobus (poet) about racism, love including one topic that really stuck with me, the use of pain when it comes to creating art.

It was such an inspiring day, I wished I had been able to attend the whole weekend and I am even sadder I can’t make it this year!

However I highly recommend attending and having a look at the lineup for this year, it’s definitely not one to miss!

For tickets, please visit the Indiegogo campaign on:

For the full programme and details on, please visit

Written By: Preen

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