Events Uncut

Events Uncut

Music Matters at Selfridges

From the 20th July to 8th  October, Selfridges is running a campaign aptly named ‘Music Matters’ and it sounds amazing! In support of the music venues that are closing down, this campaign is to highlight the importance of the diverse music in London and why these venues are vital.

One of the Selfridge stores, The Ultra Lounge in Oxford Street will be transformed into a state-of-the-art live music venue.

The music line-up includes New Gen: 67, Not3s and Renz, Eivor and Charlie Cunningham, Unkle, Raye and Mabel, Vessels and Ten Fe, Shura and Pixx, Joe Goddard and Ama Lou, Hare Squad and Last Night in Paris and 33 33 Presents. There is going to be musical collaboration like never seen before.

TEM, a London based design service have partnered with Selfridges to showcasing incredible visuals enabling audiences to capture and share on social media.

“We want Music Matters at Selfridges to celebrate and honour the power of live music. We hope the campaign will remind visitors to our stores of the intrinsic value and originality of the music experience. It’s so important that we support our city’s independent music venues where these unique and formative experiences take place; let’s make as much noise as we can, and think about why music matters so much,’ says Linda Hewson, creative director at Selfridges.

20% of ticket profits will go to the Music Venues Trust to help its work in supporting grassroots music venues.

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