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Events Uncut

Black Creatives Dinner Party 2017

The creative sector for black people is often a lonely place. Especially in a world where creative arts are still not seen as a respected career choice. It is not easy to find events where you can find a group of black people in this industry gathered together and this is what the Black Creatives Dinner was about. Tobi Kyeremateng, a theatre, poetry and festival producer is the woman that organised this wonderful evening.

It took place on Sunday 29th November at Platform Southwark (which is just behind the Southwark Station for those who get easily lost like I did!). Being a black girl from Essex, it is not easy to find events where you walk into the room and you forget that you are a black girl but this time I got to walk in and feel at ease. Hosted in a quirky London underground themed building, I walked in to find a dimly lit room full of conversation with drinks flowing!


I was made to feel welcome from the minute I walked in and you could tell that people were enjoying themselves. I was introduced to several poets/musicians/writers and hearing the way they supported each other was beautiful and heartwarming.

One person mentioned how important these spaces are for black creatives and I couldn’t agree more. It is the best opportunity not only can you network but that having that reassurance that you can make it in the industry as well is very fulfilling. There can be more than one of us at a time.

We got plenty time to mingle and chat and for an awkward girl like me, I got less nervous the more I spoke to different people (ok the wine helped).

We also played a game whilst waiting for our food and I got to try curry goat for the first time and it was delicious! Food was by Munch Club TV and Elisa and there was some tasty velvet cake by MakeItWithFiFi (I was so full I had to carry the rest of my cake home!)

This is due to possibly be a regular event and I’m honestly already excited for the next one!

For more pictures and live tweets on the night check out #BCDinnerParty17

Written By: Preen

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